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Allerton Removals & Storage - Guide to Packing

To ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible -packing needs to be as organised as possible. This is our list of top tips to ensure your packing is completed as well as it can be:

Step One: Get Organised

Use the move as an opportunity to have a good clear out. Go through every room and make piles of items to keep, items to sell and items to give to charity.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideGo through old papers and shred or put for recycling, anything that is junk mail or outdated.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideWork out how many boxes you are going to need, and get your full packing kit - this should include strong boxes, tape, old newspapers, bubble wrap, labels and marker pens. (Allerton Removals and Storage can provide this is needed. <Click here> for more details)

Furniture Removal Packing GuideTake digital photos showing the condition of all valuable or big items. Be careful to show any exisiting damage or scratches etc. This will help in case there is any damage during the move and for insurance purposes.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideDissassemble any large items of furniture and be sure to put all screws and fittings in sealable well labelled bags.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideLabel up all boxes on all four sides - and create a colour coded label scheme for each room.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideClearly mark each box with a 'This Side Up' arrow on all four sides.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideLabel all wires, plugs and cords on any electrical equipment that is going to be disconnected. This will ensure connection at your new destination is easier!

Furniture Removal Packing GuideMake some bright red 'Fragile' labels for boxes which will contain any breakables.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideSet aside a kit of items that will be needed to clean the old house once it has been emptied.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideGet rid of all perishables from the fridge and defrost the freezer.


Step Two - Get Packing

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePack an essential box of items you will need in the first night in your new home - ie kettle, pans, cleaning supplies. Also pack an overnight bag of clothes and toiletries for each member of your house.

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePack one room at a time - start at the top of the house in the loft and work down. Ensure you use the correct colour coded box for each room, all boxes are fully labelled, and that they are all kept together.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideClean items as you pack. This will save time as you are unpacking at the other end.

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePack important documents together - ie birth certificates, marriage certificate, passports. Note which box these have been put in.

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePut all hazardous items ie paint, bleach, aerosols in one box and keep away from other items.

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePack heavy items in smaller boxes, and always put heavy items at the bottom of the box.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideWrap all items individually in layers of newspaper, and bubble wrap if required.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideWrap all fragile items in bubble wrap.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideFill boxes with packing material, and ensure that once packed no items are able to slide or move around in the box. Add more packing material as required.

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePlace a layer of packing material on the top of the box to ensure when it is sliced opened at the other end, nothing gets damaged.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideMark clearly all mirrors and glassware with 'Glass' and 'Fragile'

Furniture Removal Packing GuideUse sealable plastic bags for all liquids and potions.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideKeep clothes and bedding clean by placing inside bin liners before putting inside boxes. Make sure the bin liners are fully labelled so they do not get mistaken for rubbish.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideTowels and bedding can also be used as extra padding material. Just dont forget if you have put fragile items between them.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideBefore leaving the old house, open every door, cabinet and drawer and check inside.


Step Three - Get Unpacking

Furniture Removal Packing GuidePut up colour coded labels on the doors of each room, which correspond to the colour coding on the boxes. Then make sure all boxes get put in the right area.

Furniture Removal Packing GuideOnce a box is unpacked, remove it, as this will reduce the space taken up.

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